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July 28, 2017

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MyBuild MF5 Review

July 14, 2015

We are very pleased to have Kris Trunks, an AFOL man (adult fan of LEGO®) and Graphic Designer, to build the PD Unit MF05-W01 and review products with us. His feedback as follows. 


" First up, the packaging, I'm VERY impressed by what you guys have chosen, it makes the contents feel a lot less like a toy and more like a mature model kit."


" The box is reusable as a storage device for leftover parts and even have enough room to store the completed model.It is smart to make it not immediately disposable. Giving a customer this option of storage is very good, it also feels quite sturdy. The design is pleasing to the eye and would stand out quite well on a toy shelf among it's more colourful neighbours."



" Now for some negative points, while building I encountered parts that did not fit very flush together when build, this caused some movement and loose parts. These are the main one I have noticed thus far." 

" This part feels very loose when placed on the model, it comes off just a little too easily and does not feel firm when placed on." 

" I have noticed that these parts, when connected to be knees and elbows, they have no firmness of grip on the core bricks, they move freely instead of staying in position when moved." >>> noted, surely will have them improved -_-# 

" I am very pleased with the overall design of the PD unit, however there are flaws." >>>well..maybe not neccessary flaws but how high he can actually raise his arm with a shield on :-)

" The following images show a comparison with arm movement, the right arm can not be raised very high due to a part getting in the way of the shoulder, while the other can rise to at least a right angle from the body."  >>>PD Unit says I can lift my gun forward!


" I like how the MF5's feel more like a model and less like a toy, they offer the flexibility and potential complexity of standard lego products, however they also have the simplicity of the bionicle line, without relying upon stylised parts."


Thanks Kris for the helpful review to us, we welcome builders to share your reviews about MyBuild products. Email to:  info@t-fun.net


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